Dogecoin: Explained

15 feb 2021
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Dogecoin might not be so bad after all.
Graham Stephan on Dogecoin:
Disclosure: I don't hold any dogecoin. I do hold some bitcoin though. For research purposes.
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  • I’m still trying to figure out how Chipotle share is above $1300. The outbreaks in the past seemed to have catapult it.

    Therealwill_i_am Son of RobinTherealwill_i_am Son of Robin3 timmar sedan
  • Eat your words

    Jake RiffleJake Riffle3 timmar sedan
  • One word elon no different lol

    Manuel GuerreroManuel Guerrero3 timmar sedan
  • This joke has made a few regular everyday people millionaires, since this video was launched.

    Real BrewsReal Brews4 timmar sedan
  • It started as a joke huh.... I dig that

    tommy Gtommy G5 timmar sedan
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  • It's time to take the DOGE to the VET 😉

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  • I wish I have seen this video before ! !! Great coverage

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  • доги еще раз показал что люди в своей массе просто масса ...

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  • I brought dogecoin after watching your video back in Feb. Thanks!!!

    Matthew ChanMatthew Chan7 timmar sedan
  • 🐶 dodge coin is free money im trying to get paid in the shade😎

    kevtarzankevtarzan8 timmar sedan

    kevtarzankevtarzan8 timmar sedan
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  • Your are Fuxin hilarious

    Spicy MikeSpicy Mike9 timmar sedan
  • will rogers didn't win 1928 election

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  • I'm suing Marques Brownlee for providing financial advice in this video.

    thatwasprettyneatthatwasprettyneat10 timmar sedan
  • Dogecoin to the Moon!, 🚀🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙

    Rachid Van meerRachid Van meer10 timmar sedan
  • How do you buy this?

    The Young WarlockThe Young Warlock11 timmar sedan
  • doge is our leader

    Amanda SwansonAmanda Swanson11 timmar sedan
  • Doge to the moon

    Julian G.Julian G.12 timmar sedan
  • We need an updated video from you on Doge...not as financial advice just you take lol. Also do you own any now????

    Jose AndradeJose Andrade12 timmar sedan
  • $Ethereum classic $ETC BUY mark my words we hitting 5 hundoooooooo $500 it’s taking over the world

    Juan CruzJuan Cruz12 timmar sedan
  • Please make video on pi network it will helpful for us

  • And it's still going up going over $.50 almost 3 months later.

    Serg HurtSerg Hurt12 timmar sedan
  • Check our bonefire token. Its still early and going strong.

    kevin ramirezkevin ramirez14 timmar sedan
  • This is a great video. Who else wish they bought dogecoin earlier? Dogecoin to the moon 🚀

    All Things MajorAll Things Major14 timmar sedan
  • safemoon > dogecoin

    Marbel AblMarbel Abl14 timmar sedan
  • i thought it was pronounce doggie coin not dodge

    John DoeJohn Doe16 timmar sedan
  • break the $1 dollar resistance.

    Efraim AlbinoEfraim Albino16 timmar sedan
  • Is it a a good idea to invest 15K$ in a dogecoin? To wait couple of years? What you think folks

    George ShoniaGeorge Shonia16 timmar sedan
  • Lol tyjo dobrý

    Pavel ŠtindlPavel Štindl17 timmar sedan
  • As of 5/6/2021 is close to a dollar

    Chicken KillerChicken Killer17 timmar sedan
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  • How did Doge Queen become a thing I was only her falling not watching anything for like 2 weeks

    William brewerWilliam brewer18 timmar sedan
    • How

      William brewerWilliam brewer18 timmar sedan
    • I cannot talk today

      William brewerWilliam brewer18 timmar sedan
    • Sorry I was watching it I think for 2 weeks was

      William brewerWilliam brewer18 timmar sedan
  • What is the best app for cryptocurrencies Buying and selling

    peter Alexpeter Alex19 timmar sedan
  • should i buy now?

    Stef FontijnStef Fontijn19 timmar sedan
  • ugh, glad I unsubbed, this channel is going everywhere jack of all trades, master of NONE

    saiba.moesaiba.moe19 timmar sedan
  • If only cryptocurrency was legal in my country. Unfortunately, corrupt government will stay corrupt forever

    SaltySalty20 timmar sedan
  • 8may = doge 1dollar❤️❤️❤️❤️

    HH20 timmar sedan
  • its time for doge coin dark Verge XVG, to the moon....

    yummyyummy20 timmar sedan
  • I come back right b4 Elon goes on SNL

    Theo MasungaTheo Masunga21 timme sedan
  • 1 Dogecoin now is One Dogecoin for life. I'd Buy more now!

    Mistry ManMistry Man21 timme sedan
  • has gone up %1050 since this video came out :0

    Sam CreeveySam Creevey23 timmar sedan
  • Anyone here after double the profit doge coin

    ARAVIND KARAVIND K23 timmar sedan
  • Please make another doge coin video! What to know where your heads at!

    G BlancG Blanc23 timmar sedan
  • "seemingly random crypto", lol, there is no person on the planet that is in crypto for more than a week and doesn't know of Dogecoin the meme coin.

    CookieMountainCookieMountain23 timmar sedan
  • on May 8th when Elon gets off SNL Doge, he's gonna shoot himself. Millions of Americans watch that show and as soon as he talks about Doge, he'll definitely make it to $2.💥💥💥

    JUAN RAMON LopezJUAN RAMON LopezDag sedan
  • Sanka: "I'm feeling very Olympic today!" Cool Runnings is one to see over & over again.

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  • Lmaoo this crypto shit is a scam

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  • You’re the reason I got into dogecoin man, two months ago... and on my way to 3x stocks!!

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  • If u smart u hold and go long term

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  • Look at doge now its at .69

    J.R. WattsJ.R. WattsDag sedan
  • Jamaican bobsled team!!!!!

    Marnie SilverMarnie SilverDag sedan
  • I'm surprised he had to go this far back to find someone who became president on a joke campaign. It's as if there wasn't someone who did that very recently.

    MrBeatboxmastaMrBeatboxmastaDag sedan
  • I literally am 13 and I’m investing

    Tyson KilpatrickTyson KilpatrickDag sedan
  • Guess what its 60c now

    Darren DIYDarren DIYDag sedan

    Top DogeTop DogeDag sedan

    Top DogeTop DogeDag sedan
  • I really should've invested when I first watch this video 2 moths ago. Fuck you Mrs Stella

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  • Thumbs down!

    Popular2KPopular2KDag sedan
  • Thats why youtubers should be youtubers, not investment gurus. Youre totally wrong about DOGECOIN ...

    Popular2KPopular2KDag sedan
  • I need an UPDATE VIDEO when it hits $1. This is my favorite joke of all time 💰💰💰🥳 💎🐾

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  • This video wont age well. Will it get to a dollar? Probably not. 2 months later it's at 69 cents. To the moon! 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

    The Chosen ZoneThe Chosen ZoneDag sedan
  • 9:03 probably won't age well

    Fayyaz AmeenFayyaz AmeenDag sedan
  • So you did sponsor them by giving them such a huge platform?? Why mention them or did you take payment??

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  • One hint people.. privacy coins

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  • Thank you for being transparent about these predatory sponsorships that reach out to individuals with large social platforms. 🖤🤙🏽

    Matthews Family BandMatthews Family BandDag sedan
    • He basicly shouted them out. And do you know how much it would cost just to have anything mentioned about you by someone with such a platform? Big money.

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  • I have 779 in dogecoin rn at 62 cents is that good?

    Louie AvilaLouie AvilaDag sedan

    Feroz QuaziFeroz QuaziDag sedan
  • Bro he just killed Tron lol

    Shibby120Shibby120Dag sedan
  • Just FYI according to Great investors like Mr. Warren Buffett & Mark Cuban the whole thing about diverse portfolio is for Shit !

  • Thanks

    scott ridenourscott ridenourDag sedan
  • 10:45

    Sue MoSue MoDag sedan
    • ,,1

      Sue MoSue MoDag sedan
  • Who let the DOGE out........

    vishnu cjvishnu cjDag sedan
  • Me watching when Doge is at .60 Soon a Dollar…

    David RojasDavid RojasDag sedan
  • If dogecoin can reach a target like that with supply then imagine how high reddcoin can go with only supply and still at 0,007 $🤑 it could go 5x as high as dogecoin , when people start to take profits from dogecoin and the hype is over those profits might drop into other oldschool coins like verge or reddcoin that are still very low, be prepared for that. Btc wil top out and we have seen atleast 3 to 4 weeks of mega altcoin runs after btc hits 20k ATH in 2017. I see this happening again but even more aggresivly then 2017 because more people are now possitivly focust on crypto because of musk and dogecoin , people wil search for the next dogecoin when dogecoin is peaked out

    Raymax DjRaymax DjDag sedan
  • DOGE is almost $0.6 (~₹50) 3 months after this video dropped. That's just taking a joke too seriously. Lol.

    Chandrabhatta SriramChandrabhatta SriramDag sedan
  • I realized how old this video was when he sayed 5 cents.. Just watched it hit 0.69$ this morning...

    Ivan JIvan JDag sedan
    • @Ivan J well done. Holding strong over here too brotha! See you on the moon 💰💰💰🥳🎉

      Joey AmorJoey AmorDag sedan
    • @Joey Amor more than I expected!!

      Ivan JIvan JDag sedan
    • Lets goooooo!!! 🥳🎉🎉🎉 Hope youre making money dude!!

      Joey AmorJoey AmorDag sedan
  • Watching this after the amazing day doge had on May 4th and touched 69 cents the morning of May 5th. Ive turned $300 into $3,000. Im not selling!!! Im in this for the long game!!!!! 4,383 shares to the moooooooon!!!!!

    Cody BellCody BellDag sedan
    • @theWhiteWolf i bought most of mine back in end of January

      Cody BellCody BellDag sedan
    • How long did it take? I wanna start but am clueless

      theWhiteWolftheWhiteWolfDag sedan
  • I have a feeling, that one day Dogecoin will be one of the most popular cryptovaluta's. This is the start of Dogecoin going to the sky. The rocket is about to take off, are you going to be a part of it?

    Patrick FiskerPatrick FiskerDag sedan
  • There's a water crisis in Kenya? I live in Kenya.

    Bryan WanguiBryan WanguiDag sedan
    • @theWhiteWolf LOL but is it a crisis . Floods maybe.

      Bryan WanguiBryan WanguiDag sedan
    • Izo zishakulwa

      theWhiteWolftheWhiteWolfDag sedan
    • Corruption my friend😂😂

      theWhiteWolftheWhiteWolfDag sedan

    Alexavier GaliciaAlexavier GaliciaDag sedan
  • I have been very very lucky in crypto so far, i will be holding my Doge past Saturday and its always my gut feeling that has paid off so far, Dogecoin $1.50 following week, due to the news, Hype, limited supply and interests from adopters coming in.

    Shaz KShaz KDag sedan
  • Mean while doge coin on mars 0.000433257 Doge for cheese burger

    Neezar ali naveedNeezar ali naveedDag sedan
  • But TRON is legit ... right?

    Renzo LunaRenzo LunaDag sedan
  • It’s 60 cents 🪙

    Tony MartinezTony MartinezDag sedan
  • The amount he says it’s not financial advice - 💯

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsBlue Collar Men ProductionsDag sedan
  • 🐕

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsBlue Collar Men ProductionsDag sedan
  • We are on 0.61 cents right now 😁 dogecoin to the 🌚

    Juan GomezJuan GomezDag sedan
  • Hey “we’re going to sponsor you” but don’t say it’s sponsored

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsBlue Collar Men ProductionsDag sedan
  • HODL! Everyone

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsBlue Collar Men ProductionsDag sedan
  • Watching this now when doge reached 70 cents 😅

    Aditya GaneshAditya GaneshDag sedan
  • Elon though a genius he creates half jobs with faceless engineers. His company Tesla is broke and there are a lot of projects that's he's just abandoned. Space X is God knows what.

    AmpAmpDag sedan